In business since 1988, we have built extraordinary relationships with tens of thousands of people. We are not a company doing great things for other companies; instead we are a team of people providing a great connection between other people and products.

然而,万豪娱乐下载的人做了别的事. Our people absorb the tension of callers who have an emergency shipment. 我们的团队解决问题, sometimes in such heroic fashion as to schedule an emergency flight to save the life of a patient awaiting a small vial of an experimental drug. Our people awaken in the middle of the night to respond to a flight delay, 这样我们的顾客就可以继续睡觉了.

凯西万豪娱乐下载:总统 & 首席执行官

凯西·万豪娱乐下载知道自己在职业生涯早期能取得怎样的成就. That’s why she opened two franchises for trucking and air freight three years after graduating from the IU Kelley School of Business. 再过几年, 她吸取了她所学到的, 卖两个特许经营, 共同创办了万豪娱乐, 公司. 和她的兄弟姐妹在一起.

Cathy’s tenacity and resourcefulness have never wavered in the more than 25 years since. Now 万豪娱乐 has hundreds of employees and five locations nationwide specializing in complex supply chains for challenging industries including life sciences, 汽车, 零售, 和更多的.

在她的指导下, 万豪娱乐 has seen many recognitions and certifications including licensure from the 印第安纳州 Board of Pharmacy, 一个来自美国的女性拥有的小型企业认证.S. Small Business Administration, an FDA registration, and a SmartWay Partnership by the EPA.

作为公司的总裁兼首席执行官, 凯西相信领导力和成长需要三管齐下:

Cathy’s ability to adapt quickly due to her chosen industry’s constant lessons has created new opportunities for 万豪娱乐 even in the most trying times. 在COVID-19大流行期间, 公司得以在凤凰城建造新的仓库, 阿兹和卡森, CA, 简化疫苗分配, and continue growing the Langham team when many businesses were furloughing and laying off employees. Cathy’s quick strategic repositioning of the business paired with her relationships with government officials, 制药行业, 她的客户让万豪娱乐比以往任何时候都更强大.

Maintaining close relationships with her clients is Cathy’s number one priority to ensure 万豪娱乐 is providing the best possible service for their needs and goals. But she also seeks to build lasting relationships within the logistics industry and other business leaders to learn and offer her own experience to others. This strong network of support has led Cathy to opportunities to meet and work with prominent leaders such as then-President George W. Bush, then-Governor Mitch Daniels, former Vice President Mike Pence, and Governor Eric Holcomb.

It is Cathy’s belief that giving back to the community is an important act of service at every level of success. Her many challenges and successes over the years have given her the knowledge and opportunity to serve as a board member to many emerging businesses, 大公司, 和非盈利企业:

  • 航空代理协会
  • 亚利桑那州生物产业协会
  • 巴特勒大学供应链万豪娱乐下载
  • 青瓷货运
  • 印第安纳州中部企业合伙公司
  • 终点线
  • 美国癌症协会
  • 印第安纳经济俱乐部
  • 印第安纳经济发展公司
  • 印第安纳波利斯商会
  • 马什超市
  • 潘世奇娱乐
  • 2012年超级杯
  • 交通基础设施蓝带面板
  • 年轻的总统组织


1990年加入万豪娱乐下载之前, John built 14 years of business leadership expertise through his work at Caterpillar and AT&T在芝加哥. His credentials include a BS from the Kelley School of Business at 印第安纳州 University, 西北大学凯洛格管理学院工商管理硕士, 以及CPA和CMA认证.

John’s responsibilities include oversight and management of the following:

  • Langham Supply Chain Services (West Coast Operation that supports Toyota)
  • 万豪娱乐下载机场物流
  • 万豪娱乐下载货运(万豪娱乐下载专用车队)
  • 万豪娱乐
  • 国内运输业务
  • 新客户新员工培训
  • 金融
  • 质量/持续改进
  • 信息技术
  • 战略规划
  • Two distribution centers in 印第安纳州polis and Plainfield 印第安纳州 with a combined footprint of 550,000平方英尺

John enjoys developing employees and future leaders while being a member of a high performance executive leadership team.

在组织之外, John continues his 18+ years of serving on the Board of Directors of the Cancer Support Community. The Cancer Support Community is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that no one faces cancer alone. 这是通过提供免费的支持程序来实现的, 教育和希望给所有受癌症影响的人.


Margaret has been the driver behind Langham’s operational structure since the company’s genesis. 保持行业领先地位, Margaret continues to retool the company’s processes in anticipation of what our clients need and the market demands. She has specialized expertise in both security and international logistics.

具有理解国际贸易的天赋, 玛格丽特已与数百名客户建立了关系, 代理商和合作伙伴. She completed intensive international commerce studies abroad and stay focused on the economy’s shrinking borders and boundaries.

Margaret dedicates her time to four critical areas: Langham’s quality system, 安全合规, 承运人谈判和国际业务.


  • 大印第安纳波利斯商会
  • 印第安纳波利斯经济发展公司
  • 印第安纳波利斯汽车运输俱乐部有限公司.
  • 航空代理协会
  • 供应链管理专业人士委员会



迈克Pahud thrives in growing organizations that want to scale their operations while maintaining the entrepreneurial, 灵活的, 以客户为中心的文化使他们成功.

He has broad experience in a variety of service and manufacturing industries. 通过制定明确的战略,他推动了重大的价值创造, 有效地发展领导能力和业务流程, 管理变更和商业计划的执行.
Mike has an MBA from Purdue’s Krannert School of Management, and a CPA (inactive).

When Mike is not at Langham, he spends his time golfing, boating, and wake surfing with his family.



Nick Hoagland holds an Undergraduate Degree in Sports Marketing and a Masters Degree in Athletic Administration from Indian University in Bloomington, 印第安纳州. In his previous role as Director of Supply Chain at FULLBEAUTY Brands, he was responsible for the performance of the entire inbound and 出站 supply chain. These modes included ocean, air, rail, domestic trucking, and small package. 在此之前,他曾在Backhaul Direct担任COO / CPO.

Nick’s job duties at Langham include managing our business development team and sales pipeline to meet our annual strategic goals. 他不仅与我们的销售团队和外部客户合作, 还有我们才华横溢的内部团队. 万豪娱乐下载全面的入职过程需要时间和接触, 从组织的各个方面, 最大化的成功.

Nick proudly joined the 万豪娱乐 team and is looking forward to making a positive contribution to the culture and the bottom line. 为他, 玩得开心, 做得很好, 实现预期, 与实现收入目标都是息息相关的!

尼克不在万豪娱乐下载的时候, he is heavily involved with the Conexus 印第安纳州 Logistics Council and serves on the Executive Committee. He also owns a small bowling consulting business on the side and spends most of his time with his wife and two children. 哦,他也喜欢猫!



约翰Huybers leads Langham’s 信息技术 team and sets the technology strategy of the organization. 在万豪娱乐下载, John makes sure Langham provides its customers and employees with the most current technological capabilities to provide maximum visibility and efficiency. 从印第安纳大学金融专业毕业后, John started his career as a lieutenant in 金融 in the United States Army for 3 years. John then spent 12 ½ years at an institutional money manager in various IT roles eventually overseeing all application development of trading, 项目组合管理, 和操作系统.

在万豪娱乐下载的15年里, John has led development and implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS) at our California Toyota location and web-based customer portal for 8000+ Toyota corporate & 经销商用户遍布美国、加拿大、 & 墨西哥. He also led implementation of a new International transportation management system (TMS), the design and installation of a fully-redundant infrastructure for disaster recovery / business continuity purposes, the development of a business intelligence and reporting platform for our customers and employees, and many other initiatives focused on improving operational efficiency for all areas of Langham and better information for our customers.

John has spent 2 years in a full-time Six Sigma role leading a team of Black Belts and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.



杰弗里·詹姆斯是生命科学万豪娱乐下载部主任. 在这个角色, James develops and manages the growth of the company’s temperature-控制led logistics services vertical.

在加入万豪娱乐下载, James was the Relationship Manager for Clinical Supply Chain at Axelon Services Corporation, 为詹森制药公司提供万豪娱乐下载, 公司. 在那个职位上, James managed the global relationship for third party clinical distribution and related services in over 100 countries. 另外, his breadth of distribution and logistics experience has spanned roles in temperature-sensitive medicines distribution, 全球贸易合规, 以及默克公司的供应商关系.

Lee Ann梅里曼
客户入职总监 & 订婚

Lee Ann梅里曼,客户入职总监 & 订婚

李·安·洛布是万豪娱乐下载的客户入职主管 & 订婚 for external customer on-boarding as well as corporate Strategic Initiatives to ensure both are kept on time, 预算, 并满足需求和期望. 从印第安纳大学凯利商学院毕业后, Lee Ann spent more than 20 years in customer service in both 零售 and consumer manufacturing, 包括Sears和3M Supply Chain. 在这段时期内, 她完成了萨班斯-奥克斯利法案, 在公司仪表盘委员会担任顾问, and acted as the main liaison between sales-operations and supply chain teams through routing guide management, 减少客户退货,并负责客户的特殊项目团队领导.

在万豪娱乐下载, 李安参与了战略计划的制定, worked to simplify the on-boarding process utilized for all types of customers, and continues to proactively help bridge communication between operations and sales to ensure that ultimately the customer is receiving the service and experience that is the defined differentiator for Langham.



Rick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Purchasing and Logistics Management from Arizona State University.

2001年加入万豪娱乐下载之前, Rick held full accountability for 9 North American asset-owned and third party distribution centers. 他负责所有入站的开发和执行, 出站, 和第三方空气, 海, 和地面网络.

作为万豪娱乐下载的运营总监, Rick is responsible for our 24/7 Domestic and International Transportation Services. He oversees the Langham ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System as well as Langham’s full truckload asset fleet division.

Rick measures success and places great pride in how his functional areas align and contribute to Langham’s client’s visibility, 控制, 以及他们供应链计划的遵从性.

销售总监 & 业务发展

丹•斯特劳斯,销售总监 & 业务发展

丹•斯特劳斯 is an integral part of our leadership team bringing 30 years of regional sales and operations experience from the LTL (less than truckload) transportation industry. 作为LTL销售总监 & 业务发展. Dan cultivates trusted partnerships with new and existing clients as well as carriers.

工程总监 & 设施

斯科特Swanson设施署署长 & 工程

斯科特Swanson是工程和设施总监. 在他的角色, he’s primarily focused on continuing to develop best-in-class practices within the Langham network, reviewing and implementing new tech opportunities such as robotics and executing on advanced LEAN principles to continue to reduce waste in the Langham network.

斯科特称自己是一个注重结果和表现的人, which is exemplified by his great results in past positions including a decrease in energy usage by 30% with FullBeauty Brands, 他在那里担任工程副总裁, 设施, 与采购. Swanson has more than 20 years of experience in logistics and industrial engineering and holds a Bachelors of Industrial 工程 and two additional degrees: supply chain management from Penn State University and a Master of Organizational 领导 with a focus in supply chain from Ashford University’s Forbes School of Business.